2012 Dynasty Basketball Summer Camp – Ghana

Last week, I assisted with the 2012 Dynasty Summer Basketball Camp and directed the first annual Dynasty Basketball Coaching Clinic. The camp was directed by Dynasty founder Isaac Kwapong, Jr.

Isaac addressing the campers.

Each day featured a dynamic warm-up/movement session which I led, stations focusing on technical skills, a tactical skills session, and small-sided games based on the tactical skills session.

Some warm-up drills on Day 1.

The coaching clinic focused on a variety of topics. I did an hour session in a classroom and another on the court using some of the players from the camp as demonstrators. On the first day, I emphasized three things: The idea of LTAD, using small-sided games to develop skills, and messy practices.

Under LTAD, I mainly focused on the idea of the Peak by Friday mentality and the need to develop skills and understanding. I introduced the SSGs in the lecture and demonstrated many of the games from Developing Basketball Intelligence and Blitz Basketball on the court. As for messy practices, I want coaches to understand that mistakes are good and balls going in all directions is not necessarily a bad thing. Organization is important to an extent, but running an organized practice cannot interfere with the players’ learning.

At the end of the week, I served as the daily guest speaker and spoke on “Practicing in proportion to your aspirations.” The focus was on contrasting one’s performance with one’s previous performance rather than comparing one’s performance to other players.

I played in the camper vs coaches game, and I was one of the few who got back on defense (I’m looking at you Theo).

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