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Advice for an aspiring college coach

Earlier this season, the Director of Basketball Operations at a well-known Division 1 university emailed and asked about coaching in Europe. As I wrote last summer, I am asked frequently about landing a job in Europe. Many young coaches, it seems, … Continue reading

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NCAA Rule Changes: Adopt FIBA’s Rules

According to Pat Forde, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee is examining ways to improve the game, specifically to increase scoring and speed up the game. There is no need to reinvent the wheel: adopt FIBA rules.

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The problems of a young head coach

Tyler Summit, the son of legendary coach Pat Summit, is now the 23-year-old head coach of Louisiana Tech University, and everyone seems to have an opinion. I don’t. I have never met the guy. However, I have been a young … Continue reading

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Shot selection – NCAA vs. Europe

During one of the championship games on Sunday, I sent the following tweet and received one reply: @brianmccormick if colleges take horrendous shots at the end of the shot clock, how would that improve HS BBall and shot selection? #wouldnt … Continue reading

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Gurus, Trainers, and Coaches

The headline on CNNSI read, “Malzahn forbids QB guru work.” I clicked on the short article, and Auburn University football coach Gus Malzahn was prohibiting his second-year quarterback Nick Marshall from working in the off-season with QB guru George Whitfield. … Continue reading

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The Freddy Adu Problem – Can We Generalize Talent ID and Development?

Professional sports depend upon two related, but distinct processes: talent identification and talent development. When we talk about one’s potential, we are identifying talent, or the potential talent. However, these athletes do not always meet expectations. This can be attributed … Continue reading

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Problems with Free Throw Practice

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Spring and Summer Camps and Clinics

If anyone is interested in organizing a camp or clinic in the late spring or summer, please contact me. I am trying to organize the dates now. I am trying to organize a late spring date to return to Chicago, … Continue reading

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Return to play after an ankle sprain

Last night, I watched our u18 girls play. Late in the first half, a player twisted her ankle and left the game. With her eyes tearing, she went to the end of the bench where her best friend attempted to … Continue reading

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Point Guard Training with San Diego State University

In the past, I have criticized the media’s characterization of players workouts because of the perception that dribbling a basketball up and down the court is synonymous with playing point guard. I questioned, for instance, the idea that Monta Ellis playing … Continue reading

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