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Change of Direction Speed (CoDS) for Basketball

The Relationship between Change of Direction Speed in the Frontal Plane, Power, Reactive Strength, and Strength BRIAN T. McCORMICK, JAMES C. HANNON, MARIA NEWTON, BARRY SHULTZ, CHARLIE A. HICKS-LITTLE, NICOLE DETLING, and WARREN B. YOUNG

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Train like a pro

Note: This article originally appeared in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, 6.28. Subscribe to the right. The season must be approaching, as the number of advertisements for skills trainers and clinics increases daily. In most, the trainer or coach advertises pro-style drills or … Continue reading

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Hip Turn or the Drop Step

A Comparison of the Drop Step and Hip Turn Techniques for Basketball Defense ABSTRACT

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Creativity and constraints in skill performance

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Your Loss

“Tell a person your dreams and they defer it; tell a person  you’re green and they prefer it.” – Locksmith

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The Fittest Athlete

Sports Illustrated decided to list its top 50 fittest athletes similar to ESPN’s attempt to determine the degree of difficulty for different sports. I did not make it to the end. After 4-5 athletes, the rankings were so off-based as … Continue reading

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Models of Player Development (Soccer)

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“If it makes your heart feel good, start doing it more.” – Jeff Turner

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Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter

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Triple Threat Fundamentals

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