Brian Giorgis – Continuity Pick-and-Roll Offense

At the WBCA convention, Marist Head Coach Brian Giorgis spoke about his continuity pick-and-roll offense. He is typically a motion offense, and said that he uses the PnR offense as a break, as their motion offense requires five players to be cutting hard at all times, while the PnR offense allows 2-3 players to stand spot up. 

The basics of the offense are a side on-ball screen (post screening for a wing). On a swing of the ball, they set the same screen on the other side. Ball handlers fill to a corner after a pass that changes the side of the court.

He said his goals for the offense are: To create mismatches and to distort the defense. He starts with his left-handed ball handlers on the right side and the righties on the left side so they have the ball in their strong hand on the middle penetration. He also said that it is typically the second or third ball screen that creates the opening. This begs the question: Is it the third ball screen that creates the opening, or is it the swinging the ball from side to side 2-3 times and forcing the defense to cover the width of the court that creates the opening?

He also went over basics of filling behind a ball handler and how to handle the trap. Everything comes back to the basics. The movement in relation to the dribble is basic string spacing. The basics of handling the trap are diamond spacing. If you teach the basics, they are adaptable to many different situations. It’s not about teaching one thing for one specific situation; teach the general principles and then adapt the skills to different situations as necessary. If players understand the principles, they should be able to adapt the skills on the fly.

In the end, as a wrap up, Giorgis assured the crowd that it’s not rocket science.

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