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Change of Direction Speed (CoDS) for Basketball

The Relationship between Change of Direction Speed in the Frontal Plane, Power, Reactive Strength, and Strength BRIAN T. McCORMICK, JAMES C. HANNON, MARIA NEWTON, BARRY SHULTZ, CHARLIE A. HICKS-LITTLE, NICOLE DETLING, and WARREN B. YOUNG

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NBA Combines, Box Agility Test, and Defensive Performance

Last weekend, I attended the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group Conference. The conference is one of the best conferences in the country for strength and conditioning coaches and sports medicine professionals, and regularly draws some of the best speakers. … Continue reading

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Teaching lateral movement with proper shin angles

Below is a video by Brijesh Patel, the strength & conditioning coach at Quinnipiac University. This is exactly how I teach lateral movement with basketball players.

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Basketball Lateral Agility

I saw this picture by Charles Rex Arbogast on Sactown Royalty accompanying an article titled “DeMarcus Cousins Ain’t No Joke.”

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