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Core Stability and Basketball Training

Originally published in Brian McCormick’s Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 4. After seeing numerous discussions of the importance of the core, I decided to re-post this article from my book. During a high school all-star training camp last weekend in … Continue reading

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Sprinting and positions of power

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The difficulty of new ideas in basketball

“It takes two to make a very great career: The man who is great, and the man– almost rarer– who is great enough to see greatness and say so.” – Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

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Natural and Unnatural Movements in Basketball

In the video below, Kevin Cantwell says “it is very important to teach that the front foot moves first. Natural movement would be the back foot pushes the front foot forward. You cannot play defense like that because you will … Continue reading

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The Most Fundamental of Basketball Fundamentals

Over the weekend, I conducted four clinics with players from 3rd-8th grade. The players ranged from beginners to competitive AAU types. Some players were good; some weren’t. ¬†One of the first things that struck me was that most of the … Continue reading

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Basketball in the 21st Century

I am working with a freshmen team, and the players look at me like I am crazy with some of the things that I teach. Every player admitted that he had been told/taught never to cross his feet on defense. … Continue reading

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Girls Should not Play Basketball

I watched at least 10 girls basketball games today, and girls should not play basketball. The movement skills of these players was so poor that the actions of basketball put nearly every player at severe risk for injury.

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ACL Injuries, Degrees of Freedom & Jump Training

Last month, the New York Times ran another article on ACL injuries featuring UConn guard Caroline Doty. After explaining some issues related to the incidence of the injuries, the author takes a shot at volunteer youth coaches:

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Basketball Strength & Conditioning and Movement Skills

In a recent issue of Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, I wrote about an off-season workout where the strength & conditioning coach allowed players to work with poor movement habits when changing directions.

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Injury Prevention and Movement Skills

The Big 10 was beset by injuries this season. University of Michigan, however, escaped relatively unscathed, thanks to its strength and conditioning coach Mike Curtis: “I wanted to come in and set a foundation for improving their movement,” Curtis said. … Continue reading

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