Player Clinics

Professional coach and clinician Brian McCormick is available to direct camps or clinics or be a guest clinician at your camp. McCormick has coached youth through professional basketball, so he is acutely aware of the basic skill progressions and the end-goal of skilled performance. McCormick is an authority on Long Term Athlete Development and developing basketball programs with an LTAD philosophy whether through short-term clinics or long-term training.

“I highly recommend Brian and his basketball camps. He brings an energy, passion, and perspective to the game of basketball that is refreshing in this day and age. I was impressed by his work ethic and attention to each individual during the camp, which made it a memorable experience for all who attended. Brian’s unique teaching ability and insights to the game of basketball will blow you away and the players attending will have a great time and become better basketball players.”

- Jonathan Packer;  head coach, boys’ varsity basketball, Idaho

Below are McCormick’s three camp templates, each based on one of his books. However, one of his greatest strengths is adaptability to situations and an ability to create a specialized program to meet an organization’s needs.

180 Shooter Clinics

180 Shooter Clinics focus on the four-step progression from novice shooter to expert shooter. 180 Shooter emphasizes footwork and teaches shooting from the ground up. Incorporates the 180 Shooter programs and concepts like shot tracking, practice habits and deliberate practice.

Playmakers/Developing Basketball Intelligence Clinics

DBI Clinics focus on tactical skills like give-and-go cuts, pick-and-rolls, transition basketball and more with an emphasis on creating a shot for oneself or a teammate. Clinics use an assortment of competitive games and drills to develop skills and introduce concepts like attention, pattern recognition and anticipation.

Hard2Guard Clinics

Hard2Guard clinics focus on technical skills like shooting, finishing, dribbling and passing with an emphasis on being strong and aggressive with the ball and developing the Hard2Guard mentality.

Upcoming Clinics 2014

          • October 4 – Midland, Michigan 180 Shooter (9 AM -12 PM)/Playmakers Clinic (1 PM – 4 PM)
          • October 5 – Detroit, Michigan 180 Shooter (9 AM -12 PM)/Playmakers Clinic (1 PM – 4 PM)
          • October 24 – Winnipeg 180 Shooter  (1 PM – 4 PM)
          • October 25 – Winnipeg Playmakers Clinic (1 PM – 4 PM)