Coaching Basketball in India

The above is a picture from one of the clinics in India from the summer. It rained intermittently, and the players decided that they would rather stay out in the rain than play inside in limited space without baskets. This is the group picture at the end of the clinic with everyone drenched from the clinic.

Below is from another clinic. I was demonstrating how to attack in a 1v1 transition situation from different angles. This girl could move her feet and play defense. I was demonstrating; she took it personally. One of my favorite players.

Here was the second picture as we got closer to the basket.

At another clinic, when the rain started, we ducked underneath the building and made due with minimal space.

It was crazy how many players were at these clinics. These are the teams that coaches work with on a regular basis. A 40-person practice was a small number!

Here I am demonstrating the Mirror Drill:

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