Jeremy Lin and Putting in Work

Last Thursday, I asked my team halfway through practice, “How many of you really love playing basketball?” Every player raised his hand. At the end of the practice, I told them that we could practice Friday and Saturday, Friday only, or Saturday only. They said that Saturday was too early (10:00AM), so they wanted the day off. I brought this up after our game last night.

It is fine to play basketball for fun. However, you have to lower your expectations. It does not make you a bad person. Not everyone has the will, determination, and work ethic of Kobe Bryant. However, if you are unwilling to work hard, you cannot be frustrate when you fail to reach a goal or a certain level of success. Practice in proportion to your aspirations.

This morning, I saw this clip of Jeremy Lin in the off-season, and it resonated. Not sure about the Denny’s breakfast, but when you’re 23 and working out three times per day, you probably can eat whatever you want. I did an interview with the founder of Sparta Science a couple years ago in the Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters. I’ll try to post the interview later.

There’s a reason that Lin is in the NBA and doing work:

Tip of the cap to Poor Man’s Commish for the link.

And, after you put in work, you get a tribute video:

Tip of the cap to CoachLittlejohn
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