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The growing disparity between good and bad in girls basketball

I picked up the USA Today featuring this week’s high school girls top 25 and looked though the scores. I focused primarily on the California schools, as those are the ones who I know the best. The scores are outrageous … Continue reading

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AAU, High School Basketball, and the Question of the Off-Season

The debate about AAU/club basketball and high-school basketball is nothing new. Every year, it seems, supporters of each faction argue about the pros and cons of each, as if each is a single entity. As I have written previously, the … Continue reading

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Do Systems Develop Better Basketball Players? A brief examination of one European club, a typical AAU schedule, and a typical high school team

Note: I originally wrote this on June 2, 2009 on another site. Last week, I wrote about the weekly training schedule for the Unicaja Malaga junior teams. How does that schedule compare to the typical schedules of an AAU team … Continue reading

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Peak by Friday and Year-Round Competition

In the last week, I saw an advertisement for an AAU Tournament on the weekend on March 12-13 in southern California, which would be the weekend before the high school season concludes with the state championship games. I also saw … Continue reading

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Peak by Friday mentality in high school and club coaches

For a couple weeks, I have followed a fairly one-sided argument about AAU vs. high school coaches. Obviously 95% of those partaking in the conversation were high school coaches or former high school coaches, and they were not fond of … Continue reading

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