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Change of Direction Speed (CoDS) for Basketball

The Relationship between Change of Direction Speed in the Frontal Plane, Power, Reactive Strength, and Strength BRIAN T. McCORMICK, JAMES C. HANNON, MARIA NEWTON, BARRY SHULTZ, CHARLIE A. HICKS-LITTLE, NICOLE DETLING, and WARREN B. YOUNG

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The Fittest Athlete

Sports Illustrated decided to list its top 50 fittest athletes similar to ESPN’s attempt to determine the degree of difficulty for different sports. I did not make it to the end. After 4-5 athletes, the rankings were so off-based as … Continue reading

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Basketball Lateral Agility

I saw this picture by Charles Rex Arbogast on Sactown Royalty accompanying an article titled “DeMarcus Cousins Ain’t No Joke.”

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Running a Large Camp or Clinic

Before I left for India, I worked out a college player during the lunch break of the college’s youth camp. Watching the camp was frustrating, as it was apparent that the camp director/assistant coach did not want to be there … Continue reading

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The Greatest Camp Drill. Ever.

Today was my second day leading clinics at a school in Kochi, India. Due to torrential downpours, we started inside (above) in a multi-purpose room with no baskets, and the columns. In the first clinic, with middle schoolers, I set … Continue reading

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Why Did I Return to University for a Doctorate?

When people ask why I returned to school or what I hope to do with a doctorate, I do not have a real answer. I want to coach, and I do not need a doctorate to coach. More than just … Continue reading

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