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The Genius of Roger Federer

I have written about Roger Federer with regards to athleticism on several occasions (here and here). In a recent New York Times article, Federer’s fitness coach adds some insider insight into Federer’s genius:

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Sport-Specific Skills vs. General Athletic/Movement Skills

In Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 5.9, I wrote about Jimmer Fredette and the misperceptions about his athleticism. Then, I wrote about The Jimmer’s athleticism more in depth. On twitter, someone asked what I saw to make the statements about his athleticism. The … Continue reading

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Anthony Robles Illustrates Heart and Mental Toughness

Athletes often attribute success to heart or mental toughness, though few explain the meaning of these cliches. Arizona State University’s Anthony Robles embodies the true essence of heart and mental toughness, winning the NCAA National Championship in wrestling at 125 … Continue reading

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Athleticism in Youth Sports

I started jiujitsu last month, and my struggles have given me an appreciation for wrestling. I have advocated martial arts for all young, aspiring athletes, and now I would throw wrestling into the same category with martial arts and gymnastics … Continue reading

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Roger Federer’s Athleticism: More to athleticism than power

During the Australian Open, a fan poll asked viewers to vote for the quickest player on tour between Andy Murray, Rafa Nadal, Gil Monfils and Novak Djokovic. I cannot explain the absence of Roger Federer, but Nadal captured over 50% … Continue reading

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Talent, Recruiting and Fundamentals

On Socalhoops.com, a mom asked if her daughter has hope for a Division I scholarship if she does not possess “god-given” athleticism. Another poster linked an espn article as a reply, and others offered their suggestions. First, we much lear … Continue reading

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When the Best Athletes Collide…A Story of Point Guards

Sports Illustrated features a great article about Marvin Townsend, an AAU baseball coach from Chesapeake, Virginia titled “Virginia’s Boy Wonders.” The article talks about filling out a line-up card when teenagers David Wright (New York Mets), Mark Reyonolds (Arizona Diamondbacks), … Continue reading

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