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The Game Teaches the Game

Since arriving in Ghana, I have worked a camp, run clinics, and assisted with the Ghanian u18 National Team. Last night, after a clinic, one of the players asked my impressions of the state of the game in Ghana.

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Two common flaws in free throw shooting instruction

I watched several games this morning, and I saw and heard things that are common to coaches, but also incorrect. One player missed a free throw short. On the way back on defense, her coach yelled at her to bend … Continue reading

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O.J. Mayo, Dribbling Drills, and Point Guards

While reading through the Sports Illustrated NBA preview, I noticed that O.J. Mayo is still working on his dribbling in an effort to be a point guard: “Mayo improved his ball handling in the off-season and can handle both guards … Continue reading

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O.J. Mayo training to be a point guard

In Chris Mannix’s column about the USA Basketball mini-camp, he writes about O.J. Mayo’s desire to play point guard and off-season work in that direction: Grizzlies shooting guard O.J. Mayo has made no secret of his desire to eventually be … Continue reading

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The NBA’s Best Shooters

Last week, Tim Legler looked at NBA shooters and rated his top three shooters: 1. Ray Allen 2. Dirk Nowitzki 3. Jason Kapono

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