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Train like a pro

Note: This article originally appeared in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, 6.28. Subscribe to the right. The season must be approaching, as the number of advertisements for skills trainers and clinics increases daily. In most, the trainer or coach advertisesĀ pro-style drillsĀ or … Continue reading

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Motor-Learning Theory, Basketball Trainers, & Skill Development

Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, 5.6 Whenever I write about trainers, trainers respond. Trainers tend to be defensive because the industry is not established fully. Many do not understand the reason or need for basketball trainers. As a … Continue reading

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Empowerment Coaching & Athlete-Centered Coaching Philosophy

In my College Teaching class, we discussed the balance of power between students and teacher. The course is designed to promote more student-centered learning, but the students are reluctant to embrace this idea.

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Basketball Trainers, Camps and Staring

A friend called and said that one of my articles had upset a trainer who is bashing me to other people now as a result. I want to be clear – I believe training and trainers are better for player … Continue reading

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