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Problems with Free Throw Practice

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The Good and Bad of Youth Sports in One Golfer

I was intrigued by an article titled “The Bubba Watson of High School Girls Golf” despite my disinterest in golf. Bubba Watson is famously self-taught, a contrarian in the world of golf. The article about┬áLyberty Allexis Anderson has a couple … Continue reading

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Motor-Learning Theory, Basketball Trainers, & Skill Development

Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, 5.6 Whenever I write about trainers, trainers respond. Trainers tend to be defensive because the industry is not established fully. Many do not understand the reason or need for basketball trainers. As a … Continue reading

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Double-Edged Sword of Demonstrations & Instruction

During my presentation, one question focused on the timing of block practice and random practice. In a traditional coaching methodology, coaches start with the block practice with lots of instruction and feedback and isolated drills. Once players show improvement, the … Continue reading

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