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Real coaching, mentorship, and player development

The September 2013 Men’s Health featured an article titled “Tom Brady: The Mind Behind the Arm” by Oliver Broudy. It mentions a young Brady seeking out University of Michigan assistant athletic director Greg Harden. Harden recounts a story about Desmond … Continue reading

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The difficulty of new ideas in basketball

“It takes two to make a very great career: The man who is great, and the man– almost rarer– who is great enough to see greatness and say so.” – Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

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Two common flaws in free throw shooting instruction

I watched several games this morning, and I saw and heard things that are common to coaches, but also incorrect. One player missed a free throw short. On the way back on defense, her coach yelled at her to bend … Continue reading

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Coaching Basketball Based on the Way Children Learn Naturally

The above video is about the effect of technology on learning in remote, impoverished areas of India, which would seem to have very little commonality with children in the United States learning to play basketball. However, the title “Sugata Mitra … Continue reading

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Running a Large Camp or Clinic

Before I left for India, I worked out a college player during the lunch break of the college’s youth camp. Watching the camp was frustrating, as it was apparent that the camp director/assistant coach did not want to be there … Continue reading

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Is LeBron James’ Passing Ability Exaggerated Just Because He’s Tall?

Throughout the NBA Finals, I have seen multiple tweets commenting on the brilliance of LeBron James’ passing…for a tall player. Why should height matter when evaluating one’s passing ability? All things being equal, shouldn’t a taller player have an advantage … Continue reading

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Talent vs. Experience

I called my father first thing this morning and told him that he needed to hire a friend/former player. My dad works in the commercial real estate development business. The former player works as a residential real estate broker. These … Continue reading

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I want to coach basketball

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Finding Solutions to the Youth Basketball Development Quandry

While I was out of town last week, several people emailed me an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal about AAU basketball. While articles that dismiss AAU basketball certainly stoke the fire of high school coaches, what do … Continue reading

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Learning the Game

On True Hoop, I saw a link to an interview with James Gist, the former Maryland Terrapin and San Antonio Spurs draft pick who played for Angelica Biella in Italy this season. Last year, when rumors surfaced that Brandon Jennings … Continue reading

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