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Core Stability and Basketball Training

Originally published in Brian McCormick’s Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 4. After seeing numerous discussions of the importance of the core, I decided to re-post this article from my book. During a high school all-star training camp last weekend in … Continue reading

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Teaching cues for the big lifts – squats and deadlifts

In my Introduction to Weightlifting class, one of the most popular questions is, ‘What should I do for my abs?” My reply is “Squat.” Another frequent question is, “What should I do for my back?” My reply is, “Deadlift.” Infrequently … Continue reading

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Core Training Made Fun

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Why not to do Sit-ups?

As a personal trainer, clients immediately ask for abdominal exercises. Sit-ups are the most over-done exercises and probably the worst exercise done in most gyms. Dr. Stuart McGill is the world’s leading expert on the spine. In this video, he … Continue reading

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