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Evaluating coaches based on the process or the result

On ESPN, Bill Barnwell reviews the decisions of NFL coaches after the weekend. This week, at the beginning of his column, Barnwell opens the discussion of the end of the Green Bay Packers’ game by writing, “You have to evaluate … Continue reading

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Thinking, innovation, and arguing

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Empowerment Coaching & Athlete-Centered Coaching Philosophy

In my College Teaching class, we discussed the balance of power between students and teacher. The course is designed to promote more student-centered learning, but the students are reluctant to embrace this idea.

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Ben Howland and Empowerment Coaching

UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland is not characterized as the most player-friendly coach. Instead, he appears to be a perfection who emphasizes defense and effort first, second and third. Over his tenure at UCLA, despite three Final Fours, the local … Continue reading

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Through the Players’ Point of View

Two years ago, I started kick boxing and boxing classes because I wanted to be able to relate to the players that I trained. While I felt comfortable with my ability to communicate with players, it had been years since … Continue reading

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