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Your Loss

“Tell a person your dreams and they defer it; tell a person  you’re green and they prefer it.” – Locksmith

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How do basketball players really make decisions?

Since I wrote Developing Basketball Intelligence, a reader has hounded me to read Sources of Power by Gary Klein. Having never heard of it or Klein, I put off the recommendations, figuring it was another pop science book like Outliers. … Continue reading

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The Game Teaches the Game

Since arriving in Ghana, I have worked a camp, run clinics, and assisted with the Ghanian u18 National Team. Last night, after a clinic, one of the players asked my impressions of the state of the game in Ghana.

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Goalkeepers and Talent Development

I jumped into a twitter discussion this week between soccer coaches because I felt that the coaches were settling for obvious explanations that ultimately affect our understanding of sports and talent development. The coaches were discussing goalkeepers, and the ability … Continue reading

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I want to coach basketball

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