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Off-Season Training for High School Girls’ Basketball

Last week, I posted my availability to work out players or teams in the Salt Lake City area. Instead, coaches from other areas have emailed multiple times asking for advice on their off-season plans. Rather than respond individually to each … Continue reading

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Girls Should not Play Basketball

I watched at least 10 girls basketball games today, and girls should not play basketball. The movement skills of these players was so poor that the actions of basketball put nearly every player at severe risk for injury.

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Modeling Youth Leagues on Video Games

I saw an interesting article about education and video games titled “A Neurologist Makes the Case for the Video Game Model as a Learning Tool,” and the same concepts apply to coaching. People seem concerned about lazy children or disinterested … Continue reading

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What is Wrong with Girls’ Basketball?

I picked up the following on another web site that covers primarily southern California prep players and teams. However, it closely mirrors many points made on this site previously (I deleted the player’s name and school): As the negative stories … Continue reading

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Women’s Basketball and Skill Development

Clay Kallam wrote an interesting column after the Cal vs. UCLA women’s basketball game that set a record for first-half futility with a 14-8 half-time score. Clay, a passionate women’s basketball fan, writer and coach, and I have argued on … Continue reading

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State of the Girls’ Game in Southern California

This is a series of posts from socalhoops.com that provides an interesting commentary on basketball in the area. I am interested in any thoughts about the reasons for the declining interest in basketball as well as solutions to the problems. … Continue reading

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Peak by Friday: Girls’ Basketball as an Insurgency

I typically like Malcom Gladwell’s writing. However, Gladwell is a runner, not a basketball player, and he is better off sticking to things that he knows, rather than trying to make the most ridiculous points possible using the most far-reaching … Continue reading

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The American Basketball Development Recession

Note: This is a guest post by the She’s Ballin blog, a blog about girls’ basketball in San Antonio, TX. HBO Real Sports aired a pointed criticism about the quality of basketball that America is producing. The special went on … Continue reading

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True Athletic Development

What happened to playing youth sports for the sake of playing? Why do we need seven-year-olds playing for a national championship or nine-year-olds specializing in one sport? In a word, money. Marketers hype the importance of the product that they … Continue reading

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Talent, Recruiting and Fundamentals

On Socalhoops.com, a mom asked if her daughter has hope for a Division I scholarship if she does not possess “god-given” athleticism. Another poster linked an espn article as a reply, and others offered their suggestions. First, we much lear … Continue reading

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