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Why Jeff Van Gundy was wrong about Raymond Felton and self-confidence

During Sunday’s NBA game, Jeff Van Gundy described his disappointment with Raymond Felton who apparently said something about his coach negatively affecting his confidence. ┬áVan Gundy said that he did not like hearing these things, as nobody can give you … Continue reading

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Hard2Guard 2.45: An Interview with Dr. Phil Wagner

In a previous article about Jeremy Lin, I noted that he was training at Sparta Science in the Bay Area and that I would post an old interview with its founder, Dr. Phil Wagner. Here is the interview which appeared … Continue reading

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The Missing Storyline from Linsanity (aka The Jeremy Lin Story)

I watched Jeremy Lin when he led Paly to the CIF State Championship in 2006, as I was living in Sacramento and knew many players, coaches, and fans in the Bay Area. I knew Mitch Stephens, who was criticized when … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin and Putting in Work

Last Thursday, I asked my team halfway through practice, “How many of you really love playing basketball?” Every player raised his hand. At the end of the practice, I told them that we could practice Friday and Saturday, Friday only, … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin and the Problems with College Recruiting

Coaching in southern California, I am a Jeremy Lin fan because of the potential to motivate a generation of Asian-Americans who previously looked at the NBA as an unattainable goal. I have written about Lin as a role model and … Continue reading

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