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Workout Warriors: Kevin Durant tested as the 78th best athlete in the 2007 NBA Draft

This week, as you watch Oklahoma City and Kevin Durant in the 2012 NBA Finals and read about prodigious performances in NBA teams’ individual workouts, remember that Kevin Durant tested as the 78th out of 80 athletes tested in 2007. … Continue reading

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Developing an Elite Basketball Jump Shooter

Shooting is a motor skill despite many experts believing that shooting skill is an innate talent. The concentration when coaching or teaching young shooters is the sport-specific instruction: the elbow, the eyes, the knee bend, etc. When one watches an … Continue reading

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The Position Revolution and the Myth of Height in Basketball

The myth of height in basketball suggests that tall players stay close to the basket, and short players play away from the basket. We know this is a myth because two of the best perimeter players and shooters in the … Continue reading

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Durant’s Bringing Back the Jumper

The media (and many coaches) has criticized players, and basketball in general, for years because the cool kids only wanted to do tricks or dunk. Jimmer Mania captured college basketball’s attention based largely on his propensity for pulling up from … Continue reading

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Game Awareness Skills, the FIBA World Championships and College Basketball Recruiting

Every August and September, college recruiting heats up, and people argue whether a player fits into one program more than another. The comment made more than any other is that a player is an “up-tempo” player and would not fit … Continue reading

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The Donte Greene Experiment: Developing an NBA Player

Jim Valvano said: “Greatness is finding a void and filling it.” After watching the NBA play-offs, the current NBA player with the most potential to find and fill a void is Sacramento’s Donte Greene. The NBA is a copycat league. … Continue reading

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Using a Shot Chart for Player Development

On True Hoop, I saw a link to the Oklahoma Thunder’s blog. The article looks at Kevin Durant’s shooting with a shot charting system similar to the one available for youth and high school teams at 180Shooter.com. All season the … Continue reading

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