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Drills, Games, and Problem Solving

My topic for the B.C. Basketball Youth Coaching Summit was games to use for skill development with children. The summit was geared for the coaches of 8-14 year-olds. Fortunately, I have a decent number of games and drills that I … Continue reading

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Creating the right environment for learning

In Cross Over, and my other writing, I have argued that the year-round competitive system does not provide time for development. Competitive games are not conducive to development because games are performance-oriented, not development-oriented. 

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The Game Teaches the Game

Since arriving in Ghana, I have worked a camp, run clinics, and assisted with the Ghanian u18 National Team. Last night, after a clinic, one of the players asked my impressions of the state of the game in Ghana.

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Off-Season Training: What are you doing with your time?

In my “Introduction to Coaching” class, the undergraduate students are concerned with burnout in sports and coaches pushing athletes too much. In reply to a question, a couple students wrote that high-school players should know what it takes to become … Continue reading

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Running a Large Camp or Clinic

Before I left for India, I worked out a college player during the lunch break of the college’s youth camp. Watching the camp was frustrating, as it was apparent that the camp director/assistant coach did not want to be there … Continue reading

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Why everyone should shoot like Steve Nash

Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 4.35. Similar articles available in Brian McCormick’s Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 4. I believe Steve Nash is the best shooter to play in the NBA, at least since the NBA incorporated the … Continue reading

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True Development Leagues: Small-Sided Games

Here is one of my favorite advertisements: Basketball Training and Development The sessions are for advanced players with a commitment to getting better. Why only develop advanced players? Teams often use the same advertisement, advertising as a “development program,” but … Continue reading

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The Messy Learning Process

Coaches often strive for orderly, clean, well-structured practices. However, real learning is often messy. Learning requires mistakes. Practice cannot be perfect if there is to be learning. In Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 5.1, I wrote about pattern recognition. A comment … Continue reading

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