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The Well-Coordinated Body

In May, I wrote about developing jump shooters and referenced Moshe Feldenkrais and the well-organized body. This is something that I see, but is hard to explain.

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General preparation before basketball-specifc training

Basketball-specific or sport-specific training is the rage (next to Crossfit, anyway). Trainers and strength coaches market their training as basketball-specific, as the rash to specialize early hastens the demand for sport-specific training.

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Two common flaws in free throw shooting instruction

I watched several games this morning, and I saw and heard things that are common to coaches, but also incorrect. One player missed a free throw short. On the way back on defense, her coach yelled at her to bend … Continue reading

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Developing an Elite Basketball Jump Shooter

Shooting is a motor skill despite many experts believing that shooting skill is an innate talent. The concentration when coaching or teaching young shooters is the sport-specific instruction: the elbow, the eyes, the knee bend, etc. When one watches an … Continue reading

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Off-Season Training for High School Girls’ Basketball

Last week, I posted my availability to work out players or teams in the Salt Lake City area. Instead, coaches from other areas have emailed multiple times asking for advice on their off-season plans. Rather than respond individually to each … Continue reading

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Sport-Specific Skills vs. General Athletic/Movement Skills

In Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 5.9, I wrote about Jimmer Fredette and the misperceptions about his athleticism. Then, I wrote about The Jimmer’s athleticism more in depth. On twitter, someone asked what I saw to make the statements about his athleticism. The … Continue reading

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