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Regaining joint health through movement

During my first year of my doctoral program, I tried out a bunch of the activity classes. I convinced the department that it would enhance my teaching if I could take classes from other instructors (for free!!) to learn from … Continue reading

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The performance model of injury rehabilitation

Note: I am not a medical doctor, physical therapist, or athletic trainer; I am simply a skeptic who thinks there is a better way. The following is in no way meant as medical advice. Last spring, at the Boston Sports … Continue reading

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Improving ankle and hip mobility for better basketball performance

I work with a couple players who are so tight that I don’t know how they even play basketball. Several guys are unable to get into a full squat position. You never play in a full squat in basketball, but … Continue reading

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The Genius of Roger Federer

I have written about Roger Federer with regards to athleticism on several occasions (here and here). In a recent New York Times article, Federer’s fitness coach adds some insider insight into Federer’s genius:

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Athleticism, Movement, and Skill

On this blog, I have written about athleticism in relation to Steve Nash, Roger Federer, and Jimmer Fredette, and argued that the media and others misunderstand the terms athletic and athleticism and use athletic as a synonym with power. Steve … Continue reading

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Crossfit Training and Basketball Training

Crossfit is a gym, a lifestyle, a cult, or a training style, depending on your point of view. While Crossfitters swear by it, most strength & conditioning coaches disparage it. In my limited experience with Crossfit, I believe the owner/founder … Continue reading

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Should a basketball player rest an injury?

A couple weeks ago, I hurt my hip. I imagine that I hurt it while lifting weights, though I did not feel any pain until I was sitting through a lecture. When it did not feel better the following day, … Continue reading

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Athleticism and Athletic Flaws

Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 4. Stability, Sport and Performance Movement by Joanne Elphinston concludes with a couple important points: “Technical problems are not ‘personal style’ just because the athlete is a high flyer. The best performer is … Continue reading

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Injury Prevention and Movement Skills

The Big 10 was beset by injuries this season. University of Michigan, however, escaped relatively unscathed, thanks to its strength and conditioning coach Mike Curtis: “I wanted to come in and set a foundation for improving their movement,” Curtis said. … Continue reading

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