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Martial Artists, Fighters and Peak by Friday Coaches

MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre said in the cover story of the April Men’s Health: “There is a difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter is training for a purpose: He has a fight. I’m a martial artist. … Continue reading

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True Development Leagues: Small-Sided Games

Here is one of my favorite advertisements: Basketball Training and Development The sessions are for advanced players with a commitment to getting better. Why only develop advanced players? Teams often use the same advertisement, advertising as a “development program,” but … Continue reading

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Peak by Friday and Year-Round Competition

In the last week, I saw an advertisement for an AAU Tournament on the weekend on March 12-13 in southern California, which would be the weekend before the high school season concludes with the state championship games. I also saw … Continue reading

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F.C. Barcelona, Peak by Friday and Talent Development

In an interview with Xavi Hernandez, star of Spain’s World Cup Championship and F.C. Barcelona, Xavi explains development and the reasons for the current dominance of Spanish (and specifically Barca’s) midfielders:

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A Development Approach Mixing Schools, Clubs and Regional Associations

After writing about U.S. Soccer and soccer development in Japan, I found an article about soccer in Poland. Poland is not a world power, but the article explains how it uses the school system as a means of developing soccer … Continue reading

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What U.S. Soccer Gets that USA Basketball Can’t Fathom

Jeff Kassouf writes about U.S. Soccer and its mission to improve player development. Some highlights: As 10,000 of the nation’s top soccer minds emerged upon Baltimore at the NSCAA convention in January Does USA Basketball have a convention like this? … Continue reading

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The AAU vs. High School Debate

Every year, the debate rages between high school coaches and AAU coaches. The problem, of course, is that there is no such thing as The High School Coach or The AAU Coach. There is very little consistency between one high … Continue reading

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Talent Development: A Tennis Perspective

On Sunday, the New York Times featured an article about the struggles of tennis development in the United States. Several people criticize the vision of the United States Tennis Association or its lack of leadership. Pete Fischer, who developed Pete … Continue reading

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Reacting to a Disappointing Performance

Losing is hard, especially when you try to do the right thing and coach the right way and fail to get the desired results. The easy solution is to fall in line and do things the same way asveryone else, … Continue reading

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The Privitization of Youth Sports

The Arizona Republic has an article about the privatization of youth sports. “There has been a professionalization of youth sports. You are seeing competitive leagues for 5- and 6-year-olds,” said John Crompton, a recreational sciences professor at Texas A&M University … Continue reading

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