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Finding the Simplicity in the Complexity of Basketball

Is offensive basketball complex or complicated? To disguise one’s intentions or one’s system, offense is complex; however, as Eric Berlow talks about above, offensive basketball does not need to be complicated.

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Brian Giorgis – Continuity Pick-and-Roll Offense

At the WBCA convention, Marist Head Coach Brian Giorgis spoke about his continuity pick-and-roll offense. He is typically a motion offense, and said that he uses the PnR offense as a break, as their motion offense requires five players to … Continue reading

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Two General Concepts to Explain Offensive Basketball

Last week, I conducted a clinic in Boulder and attempted to emphasize two offensive objectives: an individual’s goal is to create space and the team’s goal is to disorganize¬† the defense (the first is the focal point of Hard2Guard: Skill … Continue reading

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The Problem with European Basketball in the United States

Last week, I heard a high-level coach criticize American basketball because there is too much dribbling and too many pick-and-rolls. He specifically said that there are far more pick-and-rolls in the U.S. than in European basketball. He characterized European basketball … Continue reading

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