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Some Recent Research for Basketball Training & Off-Season Programming

Below are a couple recently published studies which may have some insight for coaches as they train their players and plan their annual training schedules: Abstract. These results indicate that a SP [specialized basketball training group] basketball training program, performed exclusively … Continue reading

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Teaching cues for the big lifts – squats and deadlifts

In my Introduction to Weightlifting class, one of the most popular questions is, ‘What should I do for my abs?” My reply is “Squat.” Another frequent question is, “What should I do for my back?” My reply is, “Deadlift.” Infrequently … Continue reading

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The Most Fundamental of Basketball Fundamentals

Over the weekend, I conducted four clinics with players from 3rd-8th grade. The players ranged from beginners to competitive AAU types. Some players were good; some weren’t.  One of the first things that struck me was that most of the … Continue reading

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Can you be too strong?

I saw this video on Yahoo! Surprisingly, most comments about the video appear to be negative with people worrying about the welfare of the children.

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Teaching the Rear-Foot Elevated Split-Squat

Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 4.22 mentions the Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat as an alternative (replacement) for the back squat in strength programs for basketball players. Here is a video of Mike Boyle illustrating a teaching progression for the RFESS: Spilt … Continue reading

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